How many dives per day are scheduled?

There are three -four scheduled daily dives 09:00, 11:30, 14:30 and night dive just after sunset.

What are your opening hours?

08:00 till 18:00 7 days a week and year round and also public holidays

How can I pay for my dives or dive course?

Cash is king but we do accept cards like AMEX, Mastercard and visa. We will keep a running total of your bill which can be paid before you leave.

Can I change money locally or are there ATM’s nearby?

There are a few ATMs around, 1 in Panagsama beach and they rest in Moalboal town.

I want to take a diving course, do I need to know how to swim?

To learn how to dive you need to know how to swim 200m comfortably and thread water for 10 min.

Do I need a medical examination before I dive?

No, however you need to have a medical sign by a physician if you sign yes on the medical from provided during your course.

Can I rent or buy dive equipment from Neptune Diving Adventure?

There is a bunch of full sets of equipment here for rent and if you don’t like what we have, we can always get some from our local supplier and get it delivered with in a day.

What dive sites and destinations do you visit?

Most of our dive sites are within 10 to 20 minutes boat journey from our dive shop, the closest is our housereef which is just in front of the diveshop. Other favorites visited regularly are Pescador island, Talisay, Tongo Point, and many more. If you have some preferences please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. We also offer safaris around the Visayas throughout the year.

Can non divers join a dive trip?

Of course, non divers may also join any dive trip as long as there is room on the boat and the conditions are favorable, we will make a small charge per additional rider..

Do I need to show proof of my diving certification?

Its good if you can so we can put you in the right group suited for your level of diving.

What medical facilities are available locally?

Minor problems can be dealt with at the clinic in Moalboal, more serious illness or injury will require a trip to one of the many hospitals in Cebu City. There is a hyperbaric decompression chamber in Cebu for treatment of decompression sickness and other diving injuries.

Where can I stay while diving with you?

Moalboal has a great deal of accommodation options to suit most tastes and budgets, Since our dive center is independent we work with a wide range of beach resorts located close to our dive center and can offer you rooms, bungalows and cottages ranging in price from 10 – 100 US$.

If you will be staying in Moalboal for an extended period of time it may be worthwhile looking for a monthly rental apartment or house, please contact us with your requirements and we will check what is available.

Can I get to your dive shop by public transport?

Just get your self to the South Bus terminal in Cebu city and jump on a bus heading to Moalboal. We can arrange car as well if you prefer.

Will food be available?

On top of the dive center we have Lantaw Restaurant that offers thai,indian,Indonesian food and we can highly recommend it. We are located in the main street of Panagsama beach and there are a good selection of places to eat from simple snacks to a la cart meals.

Do you offer other activities?

We offer a great deal of outdoor activities including mountain bike tours, trekking, abseiling and many more.

My first language is not English, can you provide an Instructor to teach in my language?

In addition to English and Filipino we can currently offer courses in German, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Finnish,Danish,Norwegian and French. If your language is not listed here please let us know of your requirements as we have a great deal of freelance staff with various language skills we can call upon to accommodate you. We may also be able to provide educational materials in your own language.

Do you have Nitrox (Enriched air) available?

Yes we can supply your required blend on request from our purpose built mixing station from 32% to 36%.

How long will my diving course take?

All diving courses are performance based, which means you length of your course really depends on how you progress. Below are some examples of some typical courses from our more popular programs. Other courses may be available, if you do not see your preferred course please email us

Program Required training Typical duration
Discover scuba dive Briefing, pool session and 1 dive 2-3 hours
Scuba diver course 3 classroom sessions, 3 pool sessions and 3 open water dives 1.5 days
Open water course 5 classroom sessions, 5 pool sessions and 4 open water dives 3-4 days
Adventure diver 3 classroom sessions and 3 open water dives 1 day
Advanced open water 5 classroom sessions and 5 open water dives 2 days
Emergency first response and Rescue 6 classroom sessions, 10 confined water exercises, 2 Open water scenarios. 3 days
Enriched air nitrox specialty 1 classroom session, 2 open water dives (dives are optional) 1 day
Peak performance buoyancy specialty 1 classroom session and 2 open water dives 1 day
Night diver specialty 1 classroom session and 3 open water dives 3 nights
Deep diver specialty 1 Classroom session and 4 open water dives 2 days
Wreck diver specialty 1 classroom session and 4 open water dives 2 days

I do not have enough time for my preferred course/ I do not want to study during my vacation. What are my options?

PADI have now introduced the e-learning program for some of their courses. E-learning is a great tool that allows you to complete all of the academic studies and theory in the comfort of your own home before you arrive. This removes the often unwelcome theory sessions, videos, knowledge reviews and exams from your vacation time. All that is required is a quick review session with your instructor when you arrive then your off to the water. E-learning will shorten your course time, an open water course could then be possible in only two days, the enriched air in a morning or afternoon. Follow this link and sign up for your e-learning courses now.

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