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Have you ever wondered what type of Specialty you would like to do? Well we can offer a bunch of different Specialties for you.

Depending what you would like to do?

Sidemount Diving are the newest thing out there and it offers you a great buoyancy carrying two tanks on your side instead of your back. This is great for divers who feel that carrying a standard scuba unit on your back is way to heavy. The beauty of it is that the BCD and the harness are really small so it is very easy travel with and it don’t way even half of the standard kit. Try it out and you will love it just as we did!

A lot of our divers comes from Europe and it is a bit cold there during winter time so why not do a PADI Dry Suit course? The Dry Suit course teaches you how to use and how to maintain a dry suit in both cold and warm water. Since most of our instructors are coming from Europe they have a great experience with Dry Suits and can teach you how to properly use and how to maintain it when you are on a holiday.

Nitrox Diving is one of our most popular specialty and its a very good reason for it! We teach a Nitrox course in a few hours, you will get a book, do the knowledge review and the final exam. After analysing the gas we are ready for a dive!

Nitrox is a very good way to be able to stay down longer and look at that amazing Thresher Shark or this cool little Pigmy Seahorse. Nitrox allows for extended bottom time so instead of having a maximum of 20 min on 30 meters with normal air you will have 30 min on 30 meters with a mix of 32% instead of 21% in your tank.

Does this look strange to you? Come on in and do the nitrox course and we will explain everything for you!

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