Neptune Diving Adventure is an international diving organization that established its roots on the island of Cebu / Philippines in 1994, at Panagsama Beach / Moalboal. The diving programs were written in chalk on a black board in front of the diving school! Since then we have grown into a full-pledged PADI 5 STAR IDC DIVE CENTRE with a successful safari and day trip division, with 2 offices over Cebu and a two story training facility / equipment centre classrooms, a workshop, filling station and rental equipment.

Our head office is still in the same place where we started, many years ago. You can not run a diving organisation with people who don’t dive. Here at Neptune Diving Adventure we train our own Filipino staff from Open Water to Instructor. This ensures loyal, knowledgeable employees, dedicated to customer comfort and safety. We welcome the dynamic spirit of the diving community on Moalboal / Cebu because we appreciate challenges, the challenge to anticipate and meet customer needs. We make our customers feel special. You are our customer, we’ll make you feel specially good during your diving vacation. We do pride our self of dedication for our guests safety and their enjoyable stay here with us.


When diving somewhere as special as Moalboal you need an experienced operator and experienced dive guides. After over 20 years diving in Moalboal, Neptune Diving Adventures team know the dive sites inside out and can ensure you get the most out of each and every dive!

There are, quite simply, no dive shop owners or managers in Moalboal that have spent as much time on the island, either above or below water as Jesper and Lybeth the owners of Neptune Diving Adventure. So you know you will be getting the benefit of their vast experience. As they are around most of the time, Neptune Diving Adventure caters more for you, the customer’s benefit, because they can see first-hand what it is you need. They have a love for the underwater world that is obvious to see. What better qualification to be your hosts and your tour guides of what they believe is truly some of the best diving in the world!

Personalized courses

Before you come we will arrange package to suit your needs. Either before or after you arrive, you will discuss and talk through each one of your options with Johan or Jesper. Together you will put together a personalized program to suit you and your needs. Think about why you want to do this – do you want to expand your knowledge? Do you want to go on to be an Instructor? Do you just want to try something exciting and different?

We offer a standard package but there are many options for customisation. e.g. if you are on a budget, or want to get top-of-the range gear, if you want to do more or less courses etc. Just let us know your preferences.

Individual Instruction

At Neptune Diving Adventure we have always tried to make your experience as personal as possible. Even if the dive shop is full, we try to make people feel special and we take the time to make sure everyone is happy. We want you to have the best and most fun experience of your life.

Classes are very small, often one-on-one. As well as personalizing your own program, we work with you individually as you go at your own pace. Intern numbers are limited to ensure you get personal attention and you will not be lost among the crowd.
You will be guided throughout your whole program by our knowledgeable staff, who have many years of experience with such programs, will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our other instructors are always available for advice, tutoring or a chat over a beer in the evening.

A wide variety of dive buddies to learn from

Moalboal is a dive destination for new and experienced divers alike. You will spend plenty of time with new divers, assisting instructors on courses. But you will also dive and socialize with much more experienced divers who are at Neptune to fun dive. These divers have dived some of the prime dive locations around the world and have a wealth of experience. They are often DM’s or instructors themselves with 1000’s of dives under their belts, so you can learn untold amounts just from talking with them. Do not underestimate the importance of this, it is all part of becoming a well-rounded dive professional.


At Neptune Diving Adventure, your safety is paramount. We take all aspects of your safety very seriously. Equipment is well maintained, our air is checked quarterly and guaranteed with zero contaminants and we carry oxygen on all of boats. Very importantly we have never had a serious accident at Neptune Diving Adventure.

Safety First!

We pride ourselves on the provision of first class and safe training and as such require you to complete Medical form to ensure that you are medically fit to dive.

Please read about Scuba Diving Safety before attending the course.

We recommend you to get familiar with Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form. It is not necessary to fill the form prior to taking your training. This form or similar will be filled at the training facility and signed by your Instructor before you start training course.
We use all facilities and boats which are equipped with First Aid and Oxygen Kits and all our Instructors successfully completed Emergency First Response Course, CPR training and certified by accredited agency to perform such services.

All diving involves a degree of risk, because, after all, we are air-breathing mammals and are not designed for breathing underwater. If we accept this premise, and admit to ourselves that we are voluntarily entering an alien environment, we are more likely to approach our diving with a sensible degree of caution. We must also acknowledge that we rely totally on our equipment while diving.

Be Safe, Remember These Safety Tips.

  •  Be trained by a recognized agency. Such diver training will make you aware of the more common problems you will face underwater, and how to reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring.
  •  Be sure that you are medically fit for diving.  Some medical conditions are not compatible with safe diving, while other conditions may allow you to dive safely with caution. It is important that divers over 40 receive regular medical check-ups.
  • Be sure that you are physically fit for diving. Diving may require exertion beyond what is usual for you and it is important that you are fit enough to deal with this.
  •  Thoroughly prepare and check your gear prior to diving. You rely totally on your dive equipment while underwater.
  • Choose dives that match your training, experience and confidence. Dive within your comfort zone on all dives.
  • Listen to your inner voice. If you do not feel right while underwater, or you feel that you have exceeded your comfort level, abort the dive.
  • Watch your ascent rate on all dives. You should never exceed an ascent rate of 10m/minute when diving shallower than about 30m. An ascent rate of 5-6 metres per minute is recommended in the last 10m of ascent.
  • Complete safety stops on all dives that exceed 10m depth. Safety stops assist with reduction of excess nitrogen, which reduces the risk of DCI. They also slow your ascent rate, by forcing you to stop for a period of time. The rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes at 5-6 meters. An additional deeper stop may sometimes be beneficial after deeper dives.
  • Always dive with a buddy. Your safety and your enjoyment will be enhanced by being with a companion while underwater.
  • Plan your dive. You and your buddy should agree on depth, time, air cut-off, and safety stops.
  • Plan your dive so you surface with a minimum of 50bar. Don?t look at it as wasted air, but as insurance against the possibility of some emergency that causes your air consumption to increase.
  • If you have had a layoff from diving, or you have been unwell, do some easier dives to regain your confidence and skill.
  • Revise your skills regularly. Practice such survival skills as mask-clearing, regulator removal, and air-sharing regularly.
  • Log your dives. A record of your diving history may come in very handy should you ever seek higher levels of training.

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