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MOALBOAL, a small town situated 89km south west of Cebu City. Panagsama Beach is a village 3km from Moalboal…
Panagsama Beach is a very old fishing village that has evolved into a tourist spot because of the nearby divespot Pescador Island.Panagsama Beach offers a very laid back life style and it is the perfect place for relaxing and scuba diving…

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SANTANDER, lies on the southernmost tip of the Island of Cebu and is approximately 135km from Cebu City…

In Santander, business happens to be tourism. In Santander the word of mouth is slowly drawing visitors to the cool, crystal – clear sea, its awe – inspiring sunsets and majestic night skies…

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DIVE PACKAGES, Complete dive packages with diving, accommodation and catering in Moalboal and Santander…
Diving in Moalboal, diving in Santander, or if you combine both Moalboal and Santander in a package with accommodation and catering. This way you get the best diving offered on Cebu…

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DIVE SITES, Summary of the dive sites around Moalboal, Santander, west, south and north Cebu…
The Moalboal coast also has a lot of good dive spots, giving a wide variety of diving due to its position in the Tañon Strait.Santander has world – class drift dives and a very big variety of marine life and a lovely beach…

Banner Dive Sites on Cebu Is, Negros Is, Siquijor Is and Bohol Is, Philippines. 						Moalboal, Santander, Cabilao Is, Panglao Is, Balicasag Is, Siquijor Is, Apo Is and Malapascua I
PADI COURSES, Experience programs and certification courses, from introductory programs to leadership level…

PADI programs are performance – based, which allows students to progress at their own pace. Students begin diver training by using PADIs independent study materials and continue learning under the guidance of an instructor…

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ACCOMMODATION, There is a fairly wide variety of accommodation available in Cebu City, Moalboal and Santander…
Here are our recommendations for accommodation in Cebu City, Moalboal and Santander. To check for the availability, we recommend you to book your accommodation as early as possible before your trip here to us…

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PRICE LIST, For those of you who has come just for the excitement of diving, here are our going rates for diving…
PADI courses, dive packages, dive safari, accommodation and transfer. All prices are given in Euro, but payment in Philippinepesos are of course also accepted as equivalent to todays Euro rate…

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  • * Consider the number of days needed for the course

Welcome to Neptune Diving Adventure

The Philippines is made up of literally thousands of islands making it the dream destination for a scuba diving holiday. Spanning some 1400 kilometers from point to point, Neptune Diving Adventure have carefully chosen a range of dive sites across several islands. Each has their own corner in paradise and particular underwater attraction such as pristine walls or macro diving. Try a Philippines diving holiday and experience the untouched dive sites for your self, set against the lush tropical backdrop. Neptune Diving Adventure is typically intimate with all the comforts and distractions that a resort holiday affords. And with the Philippine’s famed reputation for friendly hospitality and a warm welcome, Neptune Diving Adventure really will become a home away from home.

Tear yourself away from the stunning setting and underwater awaits a macro wonderland. The marine life is quite unique in the Philippines and with the help of an eagle eyed dive guide, you will encounter some of the strangest and most uncommon creatures. Pygmy sea horses are a highlight and are often spotted hiding amongst the sea fans, tails curled tight. Frogfish litter the reef alongside other more usual camouflage fish. Mandarin fish are amongst the brightest, rainbow colored occupants of the reef. Thanks to the plunging walls that surround the islands, larger fish can also be found. Deep-water channels are both used by migrating whale and threshers sharks, one of many star attractions in the Philippines today.

Water temperature does not drop much in the Philippines, ranging from 25 – 28 degrees. Officially there are 2 main seasons in the Philippines – the dry season (October – June) and the wet season (July – September). However, this is a long island chain so it is difficult to generalize – some diving areas will be more sheltered than others. The area around Cebu normally receives less rain than average, even during the wet season.

Diving Highlights

The reefs in the Philippines are in top condition, which in turn means there is a lot of marine life to find. The Philippines has awesome pristine walls, muck diving and larger fish like whale and thresher sharks.

Top Dive Sites we visit:
Pescador Island – Moalboal / Cebu
Sumilon Island – Santander / Cebu
Apo Island – Dauin / Negros
Siquijor Island / Siquijor
Balicasag Island – Panglao / Bohol
Limasawa Island – Padre Burgos / Leyte

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